Tikka Chickpea and Spinach Pittas with Quinoa

I’ve never really used a ready made curry paste before, but I saw these when I was working and thought I would give it a go! The mini pittas I’ve used are really sweet and perfect for this sort of meal/snack, but if you can’t find them then just cut large pitta breads in half.Continue reading “Tikka Chickpea and Spinach Pittas with Quinoa”

Food Spot: Shambles Kitchen

I’m visiting my friends in York at the moment and on my first day here we went to the town centre, where Shambles Kitchen came thoroughly recommended from my friends Jack and Wilem. The cafe sits on a tiny winding street with only a few seats inside, however it doesn’t feel cramped or strained forContinue reading “Food Spot: Shambles Kitchen”