Blackberry and Ginger Mojitos


I wanted to make the most of a couple of seasonal ingredients this August, and my favourites this month have been Blackberries and mint. I’ve never been that experimental with drinks before so this one was a bit new for me, despite a slight lack of ice I think this one went quite well! Spicy and warming but also fresh and zesty with lime juice, perfect for a jug or a few glasses on a warm August evening.

Shopping List

Bacardi (1-2 shots per person, depending on how strong you like it)

Ginger ale

100g blackberries

a few sprigs of fresh mint

2 limes

2 teaspoons of sugar



Use a sieve and bowl to mash the blackberries through with the back of a spoon, once you’ve extracted all the juice you can set aside the sieve. Add the sugar and stir well.


Fill the glasses or jug with crushed ice ( mine are only half filled because I didn’t have enough!) and add the mint leaves. Muddle with the ice, crushing them together to release the minty flavour. Then add the blackberry juice and juice of half a lime in each glass. Then fill with ginger ale.


Serve with a lime wedge and a sprig of mint. Really simple and tasty, making the most of seasonal, British ingredients! If you try this or any other of my recipes I would love it if you sent me a picture of your creation to @beankitchenblog on twitter or instagram!

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