Tartiflette and Croûte Savoyarde

It’s no secret that when it comes to food, the French do things absolutely right. Bread, potatoes, cream, cheese, garlic – could there be anything better? I hit peak (ha ha…) French food on my recent trip to The Alps over the new year. I learned to ski, used muscles I never knew I hadContinue reading “Tartiflette and Croûte Savoyarde”

Three Days in Washington D.C.

This is my short but sweet Washington D.C. city guide! In addition to visiting New York City last month, we took a bus down to D.C. to experience a different part of America and enjoy some of the sunshine out of the towering skyscrapers in New York. We really enjoyed our time in D.C. (althoughContinue reading “Three Days in Washington D.C.”

Three Days in Dublin

Happy New Year! This January will have been 2 years since I started my blog, thank you so much for reading over the last couple of years and I hope you enjoy this little travel guide of my most recent trip.  For New Year a group of my friends and I decided to make aContinue reading “Three Days in Dublin”