Spicy bean and cheese wraps

Honestly, a decent packed lunch is what gets me through long days of studying. As much as I love a Tesco meal deal, it’s a lot cheaper (and nicer) to make your own lunch. This recipe is pretty quick and easy and involves no cooking and very little washing up – yay! If you’d like it a bit more spicy, simply add another chilli, another clove of garlic or a generous pinch of chilli powder.


400g tin of kidney beans

300g tin of sweetcorn

5 wraps

cheddar cheese

two spring onions

one green chilli

a small bunch of coriander

300g cherry tomatoes

1/2 a teaspoon of cumin

one clove of garlic

juice of one lime

salt and pepper


Start by rinsing and draining the kidney beans and sweetcorn, then tip into a bowl and mix together.

Finely chop the spring onions, chilli, coriander and garlic and add to the bowl.

Chop the cherry tomatoes into eights and add to the bowl. Mix everything together and add the cumin, salt and pepper.

Lay a wrap out on a board or plate and line it with a couple of pieces of lettuce (this is important because it acts as a barrier to the wrap so it doesn’t go limp), then some of the bean mix and grate over some cheddar cheese. If you like, you can top with some soured cream too.

Chop the wrap in half or eat like a burrito if you prefer. I would make these on the day you want to eat them, or you run the risk of having a slightly soggy wrap.




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