Packed Lunch Ideas: Guacamole, Salad Wraps and Cous Cous

I’ve had a few requests for some simple, tasty packed lunch ideas to take to the library or to work and I’ve finally got round to creating three recipes that I hope will give you some inspiration.  I rarely pack myself a sandwich for lunch as I usually have toast at breakfast and, as much as I love bread, I feel like bread for two meals in a row would be a bit of an overload.  I have included a delicious wrap recipe instead, it’s really simple and perfect for making in the morning before leaving for lectures, work or school.  I really love the homemade tortilla chips too, they’re really tasty and cheaper than buying  a pack of doritos too.  I hope some of you find this post useful, I would love to hear what you think or any suggestions so please leave a comment if you have any questions.

Chunky Chilli Guacamole with Homemade Tortilla Chips

1 ripe avocado
1 fresh red chilli
the juice of 1/2 a lemon
salt and pepper
2 tortilla wraps
extra virign olive oil

You can make this one either in the morning before you leave if you have a little more time, or the night before as both components keep well overnight in separate boxes!  Scoop out the contents of your avocado and mash it with a fork, adding salt, pepper and the lemon juice to taste.  Deseed and finely slice the chilli and stir into the avocado mix.  Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.  Using a pair of scissors, cut the tortillas into eight equal slices in the same way you would cut a pizza, then lay spaced out on a baking tray. You might need to do these in two batches.  Drizzle with a little of the olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. They only take a few minutes in the oven so watch they don’t catch! They should be crispy and brown at the edges but not so dark in colour that they are burnt.  Pack in an airtight box until the morning.  The guacamole should last overnight but it also pretty easy to make in the morning so I would recommend doing this as the fresher the taste, the better.


Crunchy Salad and Houmous Wrap

1 tortilla wrap
1/2 a carrot
1/2 an apple
1 red pepper
a handful of spinach
1 tablespoon houmous
optional extras: avocado, falafel, cabbage, cucumber

Spread the houmous evenly over the wrap.  Using a box grater, grate the carrot, apple and red pepper and spread over the houmous. Add the spinach and you’re done! Fold the sides of the wrap in and then tightly roll from the bottom for a secure wrap.  This is delicious and simple on it’s own but you can also add shredded cabbage, cucumber, falafel or avocado for something a bit different. Cress would also be really tasty. This recipe is probably the most simple and so easy to do on in the morning before you leave the house with minimal washing up!



Harissa Cous Cous with Butternut Squash and Tomatoes

100g cous cous
150ml vegetable stock
200g butternut squash (raw weight)
6 cherry tomatoes
1 teaspoon of harissa
fresh parsley
a squeeze of lemon juice
2 spring onions
extra virgin olive oil

This one is great for the night before. It only takes about 30 minutes so is easily prepared and left in the fridge overnight for a delicious lunch to take to lectures or your desk the next day.  Cook the cous cous according to packet instructions in the vegetable stock for extra flavour and leave to cool.  Peel and cube the butternut squash then roast in a 180 degree oven for 25 minutes or until soft with a little olive oil and salt. 10 minutes before the squash is cooked, halve the cherry tomatoes and add them to the tray.  While the tomatoes are cooking, finely slice the spring onion and add to the cous cous with a squeeze of lemon  juice and 1 teaspoon of harissa paste.  Once the veg is cooked, add to the cous cous and mix well, adding fresh parsley and a drizzle of olive oil to finish. Season to taste and pop it in the fridge in a sealed box for the next morning!

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