Food Spot: Honey and Co

I’ve been so excited to go to Honey and Co since I got the recipe book for Christmas and today I finally got to visit.  When we arrived I was surprised by how small the space was and how many people they had managed to squeeze in!  Despite being a weekday, the restaurant was busy and we had to wait a few minutes for a table, which gave us time to watch all the dishes being served and therefore become extremely hungry.  I really loved the atmosphere of the place, busy and bustling with an authentic feel of a middle eastern restaurant.  We were seated by a really lovely waitress and we had already decided on the sharing mezze so we could get a taste of everything.  There was a such a great selection including houmous, butternut squash and cinnamon falafel with tahini and burnt molasses sauce, olives and lightly pickled red peppers, a few different breads with olive oil, winter tomato salad and a gorgeous quince, ricotta and hazelnut salad.  The stand out dishes in the mezze for me were the falafel and tomato salad, completely delicious and moreish- I would definitely order the falafel starter when I visit again.  I also ordered some homemade orange blossom iced tea, the floral taste took me aback at first, but as the tea flavour settles in the drink becomes really delicious.




For the main dish, I ordered giant cous cous with tomato, feta, lemon and oregano.  I was so full from the mezze that I didn’t finish the cous cous, luckily I was able to take some home for lunch the next day!  The cous cous was cooked to perfection, the tomatoes were delicious and the feta was so tasty.  It just goes to show the difference that great ingredients can make.  I absolutely loved this dish and the portion size was great.  I particularly loved the feta and oregano, such a surprise from what I assumed would be a really simple main.  IMG_8163

Unfortunately we didn’t have any room for dessert, I will definitely be making a return visit to sample some of the sweet things from the menu as well as the cakes on the counter and various teas and coffees.  I was not disappointed and will be returning again soon!


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