Food Spot: Grain Store


This was a real treat for me, having just finished my exams I wanted to celebrate so decided to pay a trip to the highly praised Grain Store for some lunch.


Grain Store lies a rather uninspiring five minute walk fro King’s Cross Station in Granary Square close to industrial looking UAL buildings. The restaurant however is really lovely from the outside and even nicer once you go through the doors. The front of house staff are really lovely and the interior is modern with a nicely spacious-but-cluttered feel, making the space professional and clean without losing a personal, cosy feel. We booked a table to ensure we got our end of exams feast, but the restaurant wasn’t massively busy during the lunch hour so I should imagine they wouldn’t be turning anyone away for a mid-week lunch.



After hearing nothing but good things about Grain Store, we weren’t to be disappointed. The experience was lovely, food came extremely quickly and was completely delicious! We ordered the onion bread and creme fraiche butter to share, which was tasty although I wish we have had a tiny bit more of the butter. I then opted for the chilli con veggie with rice and soured cream while my friend Tammy went for the roasted endives in kimchi butter, courgetti and hot smoked trout. My chilli was delicious with beans and the rice in particular was really yummy, although to be expected from somewhere named after a grain I suppose!


We both thoroughly enjoyed our mains, we also had the chips with herby garlic mayo and they were also amazing.  We washed down our meals with a campari cooler, again really delicious and refreshing. A total treat meal, by no means particularly student-budget friendly but worth it for the quality!

11267680_10206266325444639_80016296_nI would definitely recommend, especially for the vegetarian, vegan and pescetarian options on the menu. After wanting to go for so long, Grain Store certainly didn’t fail to meet and exceed my expectations with quality of both food and service!

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  1. Mary Middlemoth Avatar
    Mary Middlemoth

    your friend Tammy is so pretty!

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