Superfood Burger and Fries

IMG_5405It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a post due to exam craziness so I thought I’d make something to reward myself and ease myself back into cooking. It’s really easy to get into a funk when you’re doing exams, eating rubbish, getting out of practice with cooking and eating out way too much (I’ve certainly done all three) but this meal is a great way to celebrate cooking and eating your own food again. This also made a refreshing change from all the junk I had been eating, whilst still tasting like a treat meal. There is loads veg packed into this recipe: carrot, sweet potato, peas, sweetcorn and beansprouts. All really good for you as well as completely delicious! I added a few extra things that aren’t on my usual ingredients board to, but I just got inspiration as I went along cooking so I recommend you experiment and do this too, you never know you might make something delicious!

Shopping List

For 1:

1 small or half a large sweet potato

1 lime

a handful of tinned sweetcorn

a handful of frozen peas

2 spring onions

1 clove of garlic

a large handful of alfalfa (I picked this up as it was reduced in tesco but if it’s too pricey or hard to get hold of just use cress instead!)

1/2 a carrot

feta cheese

1/2 a small red onion

1 teaspoon ground coriander

1 teaspoon dried red chilli flakes

1 tablespoon garam masala

olive oil

3-4 tablespoons plain flour

chipotle paste


1 bread roll



Wash and chop your sweet potato into fry-shaped pieces, then put on a baking tray with a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper. Put into the oven at 180 degrees for 25 minutes. Chop the spring onions and garlic and add to a large bowl or saucepan. Then add the peas and sweetcorn and spices and the juice of half a lime. Use a hand held blender (or a food processor, whatever you have!) to blend up until it forms a paste like consistency, then add the flour and mix with a spoon or spatula until a doughy texture.


Flour your hands and form medium sized burgers and set aside. This mixture should make 2 or 3 burgers, so you’ll have some tasty leftovers too! Heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a frying pan on a high heat, once the oil is hot add the burgers to the pan. Turn when golden on once side and continue cooking, turning regularly for 10 minutes.


While the burgers are cooking, it’s time to make your carrot salad to go in the bun. Grate the carrot into a bowl, add the alfalfa/cress and mix. Then finely slice the red onion and add to the bowl. Crumble in some feta and season, then squeeze in the juice of half a lime.


I really love this salad, it’s fresh and the feta adds something sharp to the spices of the burger. While I was waiting for the sweet potato fries to cook, I also made up some smoky mayo by mixing mayonnaise with chiplotle paste. This is just a nice added extra, but not essential to make the burger delicious! Now your fries and burger should be ready, so turn off the heat and begin to assemble!



Slice open your roll, then spread with the mayo and add the burger. Top with salad and the other half of the bun. Now your burger is done, so sit and enjoy!

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