The Ultimate Cheese Toastie with Sweet Chilli Sauce


This is one of my all time favourite comfort foods, it’s inspired by a Jamie Oliver recipe but I’ve only included one type of cheese here. You can use your favourite type of cheese, favourite bread and favourite sauce, this meal is about making something delicious that you love. The cayenne pepper adds a hit of flavour to the toastie, taking it from ordinary to really tasty. The cayenne also makes sweet chilli dipping sauce a perfect accompaniment. This isn’t the most healthy recipe but everyone has to enjoy a guilty pleasure every now and again (..or several times a week…).

Shopping List

Cheddar cheese (unspecified amount…)

2 slices of bread

25g salted butter

1 tsp cayenne pepper

salt and pepper

sweet chilli sauce



Grate your cheese onto a board and set aside, then add the butter into a small frying pan on a high heat and wait until it is melted and bubbling slightly. Add the bread and let the underside go golden for a minute or two, then add the cheese on top. Let the bread sizzle for a little longer, then sprinkle the cheese with salt, pepper and cayenne.


Place the second slice of bread on top and use a fish slice or spatula to flip the toastie. Add a little more butter to the pan and swirl around (to get the ultimate crispy toast) and press down on the toastie as it cooks with your fish slice/spatula. This makes the cheese melt faster and helps the underside of the toastie crisp up!


Once the cheese has melted, you can check this by lifting the top slice of bread slightly, use the fish slice/spatula to cut the sandwich in half diagonally. The cheese should ooze out the bread should be lovely and crispy on both sides. You can eat straight from the pan or with lots of sweet chilli sauce, a complete guilty pleasure! If you happen to try any of the recipes I post on my blog, please feel free to tweet them to me at @b_louella or use #beankitchenblog on instagram!


8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Cheese Toastie with Sweet Chilli Sauce

  1. I recommend slicing up some small bits of onion to add in as well! It’s a bit of a hassle though when you want something quick


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