Food Spot: Brick Lane



Since moving to London I’ve been to Brick Lane and Spitalfield Market a handful of times, but until last weekend I was yet to try any of the food stalls there. Whilst wandering down the street, I came across a mini food market in Brick Lane Boiler House, serving all types of interesting take away food. After tasting from a few of the stalls, including Turkish, Bengali, Thai and Moroccan, I decided on Indonesian Stall Makatcha with their vegan chickpea and mushroom rendang.



I’ve never cooked or eaten Indonesian food before so I really enjoyed trying something new! The sweet and sour peanut sauce, spicy rendang and pickled cucumber tasted amazing together, all served with white rice and raw veg on the side. The people who owned the stall were lovely and let us taste everything before choosing, overall I was really impressed.


We also managed to find some bargain Swedish bakes from a a stall called Sweetden. After the (many) tasters and cutting of the price down to £1 I was sold! I opted for mini raspberry jam cookies called Hallongrotter and a cinnamon bun called Bullar. Both were delicious, it’s safe to say that they didn’t last very long! My friend Mirabel chose some amazing shortbread twists, Kringlor, and a lemon and almond slice, both of which were also really yummy! I would definitely recommend checking them out if you’re after something a bit different to have with your cup of tea.



I would also really recommend taking a little time out of your weekend to explore Brick Lane, particularly on a Sunday; as there are often loads of interesting food stalls, especially in the Sunday Up Market,  that I would also love to try more of!

8 thoughts on “Food Spot: Brick Lane

  1. Omg I’ve been to brick lane too, it’s so individual and these food stalls are perfect to enhance my hipster vibe, thanks for the recommendation fellow Londoner!


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