Food Spot: Bibimbap Soho


I’ve been meaning to give Bibimbap in Soho a try for a really long time, and yesterday my friend Mirabel and I finally managed to pay it a visit. The restaurant is situated just off Charing Cross Road, not too far from Chinatown and is actually not too tricky to find. We were greeted by some lovely staff who were friendly and welcoming throughout our lunch, service like that really makes a difference! The walls are covered in photos of past diners, making it seem like a really well loved place, popular with people from every age group and nationality.



The lovely waitress took our orders, I chose the Chives Mandoo (little griddled chive dumplings with a soy and ginger dipping sauce) and the tofu bimbimbap. Mirabel went for the Kimchi (traditional Korean pickles, they were also delicious!) and the Beef Bool Go Gi Bibimbap. They also serve a selection of teas and iced teas, we had the lemon iced tea and the green iced tea, both really refreshing! The food came quickly and although the restaurant was relatively busy the waitresses didn’t seem rushed and it was a really nice experience.



I’ve never tried Korean food before, and the bibimbap was certainly a delicious introduction. Bowls of rice in a steaming hot stone bowl with colourful veg and tofu, you really can’t get much better. This place is lovely, great food and at a reasonable price with decent sized portions. I would thoroughly recommend, and next time I go I’d love to try the Dol Sot and loads more of the sides on the menu!

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    1. it was! Thanks 🙂

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