Soy and sesame marinated aubergine

It can be tempting to try and overcomplicate vegetarian BBQ food, scouring the internet for interesting recipes or trawling through recipe books in search of something that’ll taste good. I’ll let you in on a secret: basically everything tastes good when it’s been on a coal BBQ for a few minutes. You can toss mostContinue reading “Soy and sesame marinated aubergine”

Potato salad with lemon and Greek yoghurt

For me, a potato salad is absolutely a BBQ essential. Something about creamy carbs just make the perfect accompaniment to even the most over-charred BBQ bits. The key for a fabulous potato salad lies in its simplicity, it should be something that you can make easily that makes the most of new potatoes while they’reContinue reading “Potato salad with lemon and Greek yoghurt”

Pear and tahini banana bread

I’m probably shouting into a lockdown banana bread void when I say this, but here goes: Nigella’s banana bread recipe is magic. It’s so easy and effortless to prepare, contains restrained amounts of those ingredients that are hard to get right now (flour, sugar) and uses ample ingredients that we have lying around (vegetable oil,Continue reading “Pear and tahini banana bread”

Butternut squash and coconut noodle soup

A lot has changed since I last wrote a recipe for this site. The whole world has turned upside down, we’re all stuck in our homes with not a lot else to do other than watch Netflix, dig out that old exercise DVD and cook. For some people that probably sounds like heaven, for me,Continue reading “Butternut squash and coconut noodle soup”

Lemon, white chocolate and pistachio shortbread

There’s no better excuse for baking than terrible weather. Given the choice, on any rainy day (and there are lots in Wales) I’d batten down the hatches, stick on a 90s rom-com and bake. This time, I decided to take inspiration from an old bake-off episode and reinvent some lemon and white chocolate shortbread. IContinue reading “Lemon, white chocolate and pistachio shortbread”

Moroccan inspired sweet potato and chickpea salad

Another weekend, another lunch recipe. I was struggling a bit this week for inspiration, so I decided to use up the growing collection of sweet potatoes in my fridge in this spicy salad recipe. The recipe will probably do around three lunches for the week, but you could add another tin or two of chickpeasContinue reading “Moroccan inspired sweet potato and chickpea salad”

Tartiflette and Croûte Savoyarde

It’s no secret that when it comes to food, the French do things absolutely right. Bread, potatoes, cream, cheese, garlic – could there be anything better? I hit peak (ha ha…) French food on my recent trip to The Alps over the new year. I learned to ski, used muscles I never knew I hadContinue reading “Tartiflette and Croûte Savoyarde”

Mushroom and sage tagliatelle with garlic breadcrumbs

It’s cold outside. Let’s just make a bowl of pasta and be done with it. This recipe is pretty easy and super tasty, you could use cheddar if you don’t have parmesan and I can use any mushrooms you like. You don’t have to make the breadcrumbs but I really like adding a bit ofContinue reading “Mushroom and sage tagliatelle with garlic breadcrumbs”